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Video-to-HD is a New Product for today's Digital world. Video-to-HD brings new life into your video library by allowing the user to convert 4:3 videos to 16:9. Indocomp's New Ground breaking Perceptual Aspect Resize function can be used to remove black bars from videos of any aspect ratio. Thus our tag line "Black Bars Be Gone". Today’s New HD TV sets have lots of screen real estate and older 4:3 videos force the viewers into watching videos that only fill a small portion of the screen. These "Black Bar Videos" as we call them can be damaging to today's HD Plasma TV sets as well a distracting to the viewers. Today we will Show you the main types of video resizes and how each compare.

Video-to-HD comparison

Pillar Bars - This method places the 4:3 footage in the middle of the 16:9 frame. Leaving black bars on both sides with vertical columns or pillar bars. Hence the name "Pillar Bars", this option does not alter the original footage in any way. However, many people find it distracting.

Zooming - The second method simply magnifies the 4:3 images to fill the screen, but it keeps the aspect ratio in correct proportion. The downside is that the images are cropped as a result of the zooming. Thus you're not seeing everything that's in the original frame.

Stretching - In this method, the 4:3 image is stretched horizontally, to make it fill the 16:9 screen area. This is the most popular method used by widescreen TV set owners. Most of the time it causes a lot of distortion and it almost always makes people look fat.

Perceptual Aspect Resize - Indocomp's New Perceptual Aspect Resize functions brings together the best of all worlds. By filling the 16:9 screen, eliminating the "Black Bars". The resizing is done in such a way that the central focus of the human eye does not see the effects of the resize.

You can see that Indocomp's NEW Ground breaking Perceptual Aspect Resize function sets a new standard for video conversion. We here at Indocomp do our best to bring the latest new technology to our users at a cost effective price. The NEW Video-to-HD product will be retailing for Only $14.95 USD for the single machine license.

In an effort to bring our customers the latest in new technology and the highest level of compatibility with today’s modern filters and codecs. Video-to-HD uses open source filters, splitters, codecs and pass through audio technology to help keep your audio formats unchanged. Each of the open source codecs, filters and splitters are available for download from our site. If any of these codecs, filters and splitters are already installed on your computer they will be used. If Not, Video-to-HD will help you download them for your personal use. You MUST accept the Open GPL License for each of the required codecs, filters and/or splitters. If you do NOT then Video-to-HD can not use the selected format. The Codecs, filters and splitters are checked and requested based on the file format conversion the operator selects. To see a complete list of available codecs, filters and splitters please check out our website at



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